Elden Ring Patch 1.04 has been given a couple of days

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In general, your flask allotment should not exceed a ratio that is five Flasks of Crimson Tears to two Flasks of Cerulean Tears Elden Ring weapons. In addition, the Flask of Wondrous Physick works best when you combine an Opaline Hardtear (for added physical damage reduction) together with Cerulean Hidden Tear. Cerulean Hidden Tear, which will eliminate all FP consumption for an indefinite period.

Alternately, you can utilize an alternative method called the Flaming Cracked Tear that increases your fire damage output . It is effective both with your Corpe Piler special attack, and when used with fire-based pots and Faith-based fire incantations or bloodflame incantations.

The majority of the strategy used in this Rivers of Blood PvP build has already been implemented during the initial planning phase. It's a compact build, with one key gimmick: the Rivers of Blood katana's special skill, Corpe Piler which unleashes a sequence of rapid slashes which cut through enemies in a huge surge in front of your.

These slashes also infuse fire damage and blood loss damage. These can rapidly trigger the deadly blood loss proc effect that can be devastating to your opponents Elden Ring Runes buy. This well-known status effect causes thousand of damaging points each time it activates, making it a certain way to prevail in most PvP battles.