Rolex Watches Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 118135 everose Gold

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Rolex Watches Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 118135 everose Gold

The most beautiful Rolex Day-Dates you have never seen

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Rolex launched Day-Date Baselworld in 1956. This new watch uses Rolex's pioneering Datejust technology and adds a one-week window. From the very beginning, Day-Date was only made of precious metals, including gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. The first available models were 6510 and 6511, and then in 1957, the second series appeared models 6611 (bezel with coin edge), 6612 (with smooth bezel) and 6613, they were made of platinum, and the number was very large. few. In 1960, the iconic Reference 1803 again launched gold, white gold and pink gold models, as well as Reference 1804 platinum models. Although the early models had some diamond inlays, it was the 1800 series that Rolex really began to try and break the boundaries.

In 1977, Day-Date underwent some transformations. The first change is the introduction of a quick setting date change, and the second change is the introduction of a sapphire crystal. It is still a 36mm case and the metal options have not changed, but it is still an update. However, the five-digit day calendar marks a new chapter in gem setting on the dial of the watch. The "eight plus two" dial is still widely used, but this appearance has been supplemented by a wide range of new styles. There have always been specially ordered watches, so there are unique examples of 1800 series replica luxury watches, but the main purpose of this article is to give a general overview of the products produced in conventional production. The exciting thing about Rolex is that every year, new and unseen examples surface.

Powered by Rolex Calibre 3055, this gorgeous example of Reference 18038 can be viewed at the Revolutionary Watch Bar in Singapore. This watch uses the Missoni dial-a pure gold champagne dial, engraved with the zigzag pattern of the famous Italian fashion house. Rolex reference in platinum and diamond set. 1804, with a 1972 Burgundy Stella dial.

There is a string of brilliant-cut diamonds on the string dial, which circles the minute track. The time scale will then be marked with an additional diamond, or in some cases emeralds, rubies or sapphires. In some rare cases, the hour will be marked with a rectangular cut fake watches

Rolex Day-Date model 18079, with rubellite dial, set with rectangular-cut diamonds at six o'clock and nine o'clock. This gorgeous watch can be seen at the Revolutionary Watch Bar in Singapore.

Pave dials are also used. One of my favorite iterations is the paved chapter ring. Essentially, this is a precious metal ring whose thickness is the same as the daylight on the inner circumference of the dial and is paved with diamonds. The chapter ring will feature brilliant-cut gems during the hour, including diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

The full pavé dial is a Rolex classic. Who doesn't like a complete shiny jewel dial? Rolex sports watches are still used today, and the maiden voyage of the full pavé dial is on Day-Date. Rolex attaches great importance to gem setting, just like everything they do. They only hire the best craftsmen who can do their work perfectly and insist on using the highest quality gemstones to make their watches. All diamonds used, even the smallest diamonds in the full pavé dial, must contain zero inclusions when inspected under a 10x magnifying glass. Each gem is visually inspected and compared with the main diamond to ensure that only the best examples can be used in watches-Rolex even has its own proprietary tools to ensure that the shape of each gem is consistent. The cut used for the pavé dial is called the 8/8 cut, and there are 17 facets in total.Bell Ross BR 05 replica watches

One of the most challenging manufacturing processes for watch brands is the production of stone dials. It is difficult to process with stone because it is very hard and the finished product is very thin. This leads to a high failure rate, and the fragile stone chips are very easy to crack. However, one of the attractive aspects of stone dials is the uniqueness of each dial. Day-Date dials use more types of gems. I'm not sure who other than Rolex can compile an exhaustive list of all the gems used in Day-Date. However, what follows is as close as possible to full access to the Rolex archives. perfect replica watches