A beginner's guide to PoE currency

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The game of exile developed by Grinding Gear Games has been very popular recently. Just like most online video games, Path of Exile has a large selection of items and equipment that you can choose from, and you can equip them for your character. However, subject to game rules restrictions, players must use in-game currency when buying, trading, or selling in the game.

If you want to participate in the game's unique player trading system, PoE currency is essential. Players with more PoE coins can enjoy more advantages, which is a common fact in the road of exile. For beginners, correctly judging the value of money is not a simple matter.

Major currency items
The first category is called universal currency projects. You will encounter these items within a few minutes after the end of the game, and they are usually used for easy upgrades and low-level productions.

Two other common currency items are silver coins and Perandus coins. You cannot use these two for crafting like other items, but you can exchange them for services that NPCs can provide.

In addition to ordinary currency, there is another kind called valuable currency. Valuable currencies are more expensive because they are rarer. Generally, only advanced players are eligible to use it.

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