Madden 22 Prime Time Achievement Guide

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The prime time achievement of Madden NFL 22 requires players to use Celebration Loco in a single game to get over 50 yards.

The prime time achievement of Madden 22 requires players to use Celebration Loco in a single game to get over 50 yards. Players need to cover half of the venue when doing high-level celebrations. Doing so will allow them to get 40 player points in the game, or 50 player points on Xbox One, which is easy to unlock if players follow this guide.

If the player has two controllers at their disposal, this is definitely an excellent method because they only need to complete the achievement twice. Or, if the player has friends who can help, that works equally well. They use two controllers to start an exhibition match, one for each team, and use any two teams they choose. They don’t need to buy Madden 22 Coins. When starting a coin toss, choose to accord to who wins the coin toss. To catch the ball or postpone it, make sure that the team controlled by your master account receives the ball.

Once the player’s catcher catches the ball, hold down the left trigger and start running towards the low court. Left pull opportunities allow them to Buy MUT 22 Coins, but they will be much slower. Try to run 50 yards before being caught. If the player is unsuccessful and runs the same shot, a quick pass for the second time this will definitely push the player over the yardage threshold. This is called a hard method, but it’s really not too difficult. It just noticeably slowed down. Since players will play against the AI, they cannot control their game calls, such as the Pirates or Chiefs. Set AI to defensive chaos, such as Texans or Falcons. Now, as long as players cross the melee line, they will want to celebrate every opportunity they get, so that they won’t get negative celebration codes. After every catch, every run, and every return after taking a high step, in four quarters, the player should be able to get 50 yards.

Madden 22 has 19 achievements in the X|S series and 16 achievements in Xbox One. “Prime time” is the easiest, especially if players follow this guide and use Madden 22 Coins appropriately. Most achievements are related to signing offseason, season honors or winning online games, so simple miscellaneous achievements like this are the most exciting.