I was trying to publish a blog article last night. For some unknown reason, random parts of the page were setting themselves to be black text on a black background. It was generally only a paragraph or two, but it was entirely random. I deleted and republished several times trying to fix it, and ultimately had to set it to a white background for just the text across the whole document (which looks really strange.) Not sure if this is some kind of interaction between my browser and Novus, or maybe something to do with trying to copy and paste from my preferred text editor, but it was frustrating.

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when you go to someones page & it has a ( + ) sign instead of the Word Follow or following, Some may think that since it has a + sign you are already following them & Since (Following) is already by their name for people they follow its just a bit confusing. Maybe using the word add or a different emoji might be helpful.

Profile progress will not allow me to change my country

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Under Social Links add Telegram

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In night mode setting up your birthday the calendar Month and year is Dark grey text on black background.


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