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Who or what is is creating a new space for a new world. There are growing concerns of security, privacy, and freedom in internet-based communities which affect every one of any age, race or culture. We are addressing these issues and making them our main focus as we develop a world community network backed by blockchain technology and military grade security both at the hardware and software levels.

Put simply; our platform is a social network core integrated with everything and anything both cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency related. Because of the business model we are using we have no success ceiling. Our platform has no growth limitations and is infinitely expandable.

The logo?

The three points of the triangle represent our 3 points of focus; Security, Privacy, and Freedom. The circle connecting the points represents the unification of the three points and together as a whole reflect what is and will continue to accomplish.

“I can’t even say how psyched and inspired I am by this project. Hopefully, Sparkpoint will become an integral part of the ecosystem.” – Steven Jobe via Telegram

Novus Updates

Video updates regarding tech, team, and tokens

“novus is the game changer.”

Token Distribution & Fund Allocation

The NVS Token breakdown & allocation of crowdsale funds


Ticker Symbol:

Max Supply:


CDE Start Date:

Blockchain Platform:
Apollo Hermes

Payment Methods:

Hard Cap:
412,500,000 NVS

Soft Cap:
100,000,000 NVS

CDE End Date:

Important Notice:

Unsold NVS Tokens from our crowdsale will NOT be burned but instead locked up in our reserve wallet and will only be withdrawn in case of a low circulating supply on the platform. If the threshold for low supply is never reached then the reserve tokens will never reach circulation. If we withdraw tokens from the reserve, we will inform our community and holders before we do so.

“novus will change the world.”

Project Code Name: NOVUS

Our project details briefly explained

Our goal with security is to be completely independent of the need for any “middle-man” that could have access to our network. From the browser you use to the NAT/Firewall in your home to the ISP you use to connect to the web to the data center our platform is served from, we want 100% control of it all so we can guarantee your security on a level never achieved by ANY other social-based platform on the planet.

We focus hard on SPoF (Single Points of Failure). We do not allow any system, software or hardware, internal or external to have SPoF. We prefer to have at least 2 to 3, sometimes 4 or more, backups in place in order to protect data and your platform experience.

Software Level

  • Multi-Layer URL Routing (Cyclone Protocol)
  • Military Grade Individual Account Encryption
  • Encrypted Blockchain Storage & Messaging
  • Multi-Server Platform Hosting
  • Tor Routing
  • novus Web Browser (Desktop/Mobile – Future)
  • + More

Hardware Level

  • Military Grade Hardware Security
  • Natural Physical Barriers
  • In-house Managed Data Center
  • EMP/Nuclear Proof Data Center
  • Multiple Data Centers Geo Located
  • In-Home Router/Firewall (Conceptual – Future)

You can rest assured that the information you keep private will stay private! With individual account encryption, you never have to worry about your information being collected and sold to marketing agencies. We will never allow a government to bully us into monitoring our network and giving them access to your information. Your information and files are yours and remain yours as long as you remain you.

If you decide that our platform isn’t for you and decide to delete your account, we will completely remove your existence from our servers. Every byte of your data will be optionally available to download before your data is wiped forever. We do not simply delete your data since computer systems only make that space available for writing again and the data is still technically there, we delete the data than immediately write over those blocks of data so no data can be retrieved.

  • Unlike some other networks, we will not control what you post, share, like or comment on.
  • Our belief is you have the right to freedom of speech no matter what country you are from.
  • Freedom of speech should be a basic human right globally.
  • We are not going to use our own beliefs to dictate what happens on this network.
  • The furthest we will go in any kind of “control” is following any laws that govern the company.

We believe it is your duty to control what you see in your newsfeed. If you find something offensive you can hide the post, unfollow the user (stay friends but no longer see updates), or block them (unfriend them and stops all communications with them as well as removing all historical interactions with them).

Problems & Solutions

Solutions our platform will provide


Your data is secure with our focus on military-grade security at both the software and hardware levels


The days of false privacy while online are over. You are 100% in control of ALL of your data. We will not allow your data to leave our platform or be used in any way you do not allow within your settings.


Freedom of speech is an important aspect to life not just in America but everywhere in this world. We believe all humanity has the right to speak their beliefs.


With a concentrated userbase of crypto-pro users, new projects and use cases don’t ever have to worry about their platform gaining the attention it needs.


Your crypto related poss, shares, pages, groups, ads, etc… will never be banned from our platform.


Education is an important aspect we will focus on with our “udemy -style” learning platform professionals will be able to teach the not-so-savvy users the ways of the force.


We are a global network which means we appeal to anyone from every walk of life.


Imagine not having to Google your fingertips bloody trying to find a crypto service… Imagine having that service available to you instantly on a platform that also has everything else. All-In-One? Nope. Everything-In-One!

“absolutely amazing!”

The Team

Our hand selected All-Star core team

Jason Neale CEO/CTO
Vasilios Darko Adamopoulos COO
Bob Walker CCO
Bryan Levi Director of Partnerships
Joao Martins CIO
Christopher M. Snook CTO
Sharon Moran Project Manager/Mobile Dev
Edward Wilson Director of Platform Security
Dominic Mann Community Manager
Tina Mitchell DPO/Copy Editor
Shadow Precious Co-Founder


Expert talent selected for their specific expertise

Steve McCullah Advisor
Business Director and PR for the Apollo Foundation
Alexander Rogan Advisor
CEO and co-founder of PlatinumDEX
Max Ng Advisor
Managing Director/Co-Founder of CryptoProfile
Shawn Willhite Advisor
Corporate Security Expert
Rob Loggia Advisor
Director of Vacant Minds Media & Chief of Operations for Team McAfee

“the most important crypto project since Bitcoin”

Official Partners

Each partner was sought out specifically to add to your user experience on our platform.

Official Non-Crypto Partners

By bringing in non-crypto partners we are opening new doors for both sides of the partnerships to showcase use-cases for cryptocurrency and create a hospitable place for businesses of any size to thrive.


Follow our roadmap to keep track of our progress

The Birth Of

January 1, 2019

Platform Development Started

January 2019

Mobile Apps Development Started

Q1 2019

Team Recruitment Started

Q1 2019 – Ongoing

Advisor Recruitment

Q1 2019 – Ongoing

Partnership Deals

Q1 – Q4 2019

Platform Pre-Registration

May 1st, 2019 – Ongoing

CDE Preparations

Q3 2019

Phase 1 Marketing Campaign

Q3 2019

Platform Alpha Testing

Q3 2019

Mobile Wallet Release

Q4 2019


Q4 2019


Q4 2019

Phase 2 Marketing Campaign

Q4 2019

Platform Beta Testing

Q4 2019

Phase 3 Marketing Campaign

Q1 2020

Platform Public Beta Testing

Q1 2020

Platform Security & Pen Testing

Q2 2020


Media mentions or interviews regarding Novus.One